Skate Ontario Championships

The competitions formerly known as the Skate Ontario STARSkate Championships and the and Skate Ontario Cup have been merged into a single new competition called the Skate Ontario Championships.

Please note that the Pre-Juvenile dance selections for the 2017 Skate Ontario Championships will be the Fiesta Tango and the Willow Waltz.

The announcement for the 2017 Skate Ontario Championships is now available!

Please also see our pre-season information packages:

Important Notice: Skate Ontario Championships Pattern Dances – Order of Skating

In categories with more than one pattern dance, the dances will be skated in the order in which they are listed in the Skate Canada Rulebook.

In the Pre-Juvenile Dance Event the dances will be skated in the following order:

    • Dance #1 Fiesta Tango
    • Dance #2 Willow Waltz


The following waivers are posted for informational purposes. Skaters/parents/guardians will be required to complete these waivers at their qualifying competitions in order to register for the Skate Ontario Championships:

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