Competitions and Programs

Welcome to the Transition Committee Competitions and Programs Page!

Please see these important announcements regarding the 2017-2018 competition season from the Competitions and Programs Sub-Committee:

Hosting Competitions in 2018:

The Competition Bid process is finalized and published. Information and applications for both Club Hosted and Section Hosted Bid Forms are available on Section websites and the Skate Ontario website. Bids will be processed through the current section Competition Committees before being accepted by the new Skate Ontario.

Click here for information on Club Bid Forms and here for Section Bid Forms if you are interested in hosting a competition in the coming year.

The Deadline to complete the Bid Forms are Friday, March 31st.

Club Hosted Bid Forms:

Section Hosted Bid Forms:

NOTE: Competitions to November 5 have already been confirmed but will still be required to complete bid forms.

2017-18 Competition Season Hosting Financial Overview

For the 2017/18 season, competitions will be designated into one of the following two categories:

    • 1. Skate Ontario Hosted (formerly Section Hosted)
    • 2. Club Hosted

Competition Hosting Financial Model Overview

1. Skate Ontario Hosted Events – A hosting agreement will be signed between Skate Ontario and the Host Club/LOC outlining the specifics of roles and responsibilities of each party and eligible and ineligible expenses that will determine the calculation of the Net Profit. Skate Ontario roles and responsibilities will include event planning, logistics planning, and all reporting functions. Profit sharing for these will be that  the LOC will receive the greater of 50% of the net profit or a minimum grant per the table below:

– 1 Day Event                  1 Pad    $ 2000
– 1 Day Event                  2 Pads   $2000
– 2 Day Event                  1 Pad     $2000
– 2 Day Event                  2 Pads   $3000
– 3 Day Event                  1 Pad     $3000
– 3, 4, or 5 Day Event     2 Pads   $5000

Please note that in the event that the competition results in a net loss, the loss will be absorbed by Skate Ontario.

2. Club Hosted Events – A hosting agreement will be signed between Skate Ontario and  the Host Club/LOC. For these events, Skate Ontario will provide overall direction, guidance, technical support, and other support as requested by/negotiated with the LOC.  The Host Club/LOC shall remit a per skater levy of $5.00 per skater per entry or skate.

Detailed Hosting Agreements will be issued to successful LOCs by Friday May 19th.

Inquires can be made to