Transition Committee

The Transition Committee Updates:

Chair of the Committee

    • Glenn Fortin

Committee Members:

    • Janet Balkwill
    • Therese Bilsborough
    • Susan Blatz
    • Gloria Brighten – Skate Ontario representative
    • Cheryl Hollows
    • Darlene Joseph – Skate Canada representative
    • William Lindsay
    • Paul Mallet
    • Elizabeth Mannell
    • Susanne Morgan
    • Mary Rose Weir

Bios for the Transition Committee members can be found here.

Why do we have a Transition Committee?

At its Annual General Meeting on May 28, 2016, Skate Canada’s membership voted in favour of an amendment to their bylaws to create a new unified Ontario Section. This structure allows for figure skating in Ontario to be governed by one section and become the provincial sport organization recognized by the provincial funding organizations.

While the bylaw amendment was approved at the May 28, 2016 AGM, to allow for a smooth transition the new Ontario Section will not be made effective until April 1, 2017. For the period following the 2016 AGM up until formation of the new Ontario Section on April 1, 2017, a Transition Committee has been appointed to support the transition work required to operationally form the new Ontario Section (the “Future Corporation”). The Transition Committee reports to the Board of Directors of the current PSO – Skate Ontario, and through the PSO indirectly to Skate Canada.