Skate Ontario Development Programs

Skate Ontario has a number of skater development initiatives planned for the 2015-2016 season.  A summary of the programs being offered is included below.

For more information, including program eligibility, dates, times, locations, and cost, please see the following link: Skate Ontario Planned Programs for 2015-2016

Questions about these programs should be directed to Scott Rachuk, Director of Sport at

Development Days

These workshops include both on and off ice activities for the skaters. Coaches are encouraged to attend with their athlete. On ice programs will cover edges, turns, power, stroking, jump technique, spin technique, artistic development, performance, speed and more.  Off ice content will include nutrition, mental training, strength training education, planning, flexibility, recovery and more.

Monitoring/Training Days

These sessions bring skaters in to train on the ice with other skaters at similar levels. The intent is to introduce our athletes to a more competitive environment to motivate, challenge and inspire progression and performance.  Enhancement and support personnel will be made available during these sessions.  Examples of support personnel include: officials, technical specialists, fitness specialists, nutritionists, planning strategists, bio mechanists and more.

Simulation Days

Simulation Days will be scheduled for the Tier 1 and Tier 2 OHPSI athletes in preparation for the upcoming summer competitions and the JGP selection period.  Each singles/dance/pair will perform a short or free program with full competition protocol.  Feedback session will be scheduled after the performances.  This will be an event with SS/SM as a large component of the session.

Performance Camp

This camp is designed to enhance the performance level of the participants through a week long process.  Skate Ontario will bring in choreographers from the television show “So You Think You Can Dance” to plan and execute a show on ice for the viewing public.  The focus of the program will be on the awareness of the total performance package required for the sport of figure skating.  These areas include costuming, music selection, music interpretation, performance level and choreography.

Quest Events

The Quest Events have been incorporated into the development plan to simulate the extended season of an athlete making it through to the qualifying events currently in place.  The goal of this new program is to help prepare the skater for the next level of competition and planning. The Quest event will contain 2 main events; a Program Event (Short or Free) and an Element Event. The elements will be clearly defined and designed to push the technical and performance level of the skater. Off ice education will also be prominent during this event.

Post Season Reflection

The Post Season Reflection is designed to bring the skaters and coaches together to conduct a reflective and analytical review on the past season’s training plan. What worked, what didn’t; and lead the participants through some planning strategies for the upcoming season to improve performance. Other educational and motivational components will also be offered to provide support and inspiration.

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