Section Office Update

Dear Skate Ontario Family,

Thank you for your support thus far in this period of change, as we consolidate Skate Ontario into a unified body. This transition would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the Skate Ontario network of volunteers and supporters. The next step in this unification process is to move all Section Office business and operations to the new Skate Ontario office. With this advancement, as of Friday, June 30th, all former Section Offices will be closed. The Skate Ontario office is located at:

100 – 2605 Skymark Ave. Mississauga, ON  L4W 4L5 

Centralizing our operations will allow for a true and whole integration of five organizations into one, and will also allow for more effective and efficient operations of Skate Ontario.      The following are key people to direct your questions regarding Skate Ontario operations:

  • Booking of all test days in the province – Patrick Way (
  • All questions related to Coaching Programs and Courses – Stephanie Klein   (
  • Club related questions – Sharon Maki (
  • Events and event registration – Kelsey Bennett, Michelle Hunsley, and/or Lauren Zbucki (

Further staff contact information can be found at on the Skate Ontario website. When in doubt you can direct your queries to Gillian McIver, Coordinator – Operations and Administration. Gillian can be reached at or 905-212-9991. As of June 30th, calls to the Section offices will be automatically forwarded to the Skate Ontario office.

Skate Ontario truly appreciates your support through this transition and we hope you are as excited as we are to continue to grow this organization, together.

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