Skate Ontario Operating Committees Update

Dear Skaters, Coaches, and Skating volunteers,

I am pleased to share with you some further details about our new Skate Ontario operating committees.

As you know, an exciting new era has begun for skating in Ontario that involves many changes, including the modernization of our organizational and governance structures. In keeping with best practices in board governance for large not-for-profit organizations, the Skate Ontario Board of Directors will be focusing their energy on governance matters, including strategic direction, oversight, policy, and evaluation. As such, many of the operational functions that were previously the responsibility of section operational boards will be carried out via the cooperative efforts of staff- and volunteer-led operating committees.

Individuals have been targeted for Skate Ontario operating committees, by the operating committee chairs, based on the competencies and experiences outlined in the Terms of Reference. We are grateful to the inaugural Skate Ontario operating committee members who bring tremendous experience, breadth and depth of knowledge from our four past sections to our newly unified Ontario section. Many of these individuals have already participated in transition-related projects, and are therefore well placed to provide continuity and negotiate any bumps encountered along the road as we work through this exciting time of change.

Building on from my last communication, where Skate Ontario launched the Data Specialists and JET Operating Committees chaired by Therese Bilsborough and Susan Blatz respectively, effective May 1, 2017, I am pleased to announce the launch of the following additional Skate Ontario operating committees effective June 9, 2017:

Skater Support Operating Committee
Members: Gloria Brighten (Chair), Kathy Adams, Monica Johnston, Elizabeth Mannell, Ann Monaghan, Wendy Philion, Michelle Long
The Skater Support Committee will work directly with the Skate Ontario staff sport team to identify, design and execute a wide range of programs to enhance the support of Ontario skaters. They will provide advice, planning, and support in a number of areas including, but not limited to, team leading, skater outfitting, skater development seminars, skater development teams, and skater achievement awards.

Events Operating Committee
Members: Susanne Morgan (Co-Chair), Elizabeth Mannell (Co-Chair),
Susan Fisher, Kelly Holtzman, Anne Reedie, Rhonda Vanderveen.[NK3]
The Events Committee will be directly linked to the Skate Ontario staff event team and provide support in defining Skate Ontario standards and service proposition related to the delivery of all events in Ontario. They will support the execution of all events in the province, by working with a wide and extensive network of volunteers to deliver events.

Club Connections Operating Committee
Members: Cheryl Hollows (Co-Chair), Paul Mallet (Co-Chair), Muriel Blaker, Patty Marrow, Shirley Mack, Maureen Kolapak.
The Club Connections Committee will provide a club voice by facilitating two-way communication between Skate Ontario and the skating clubs/schools on matters such as program development, pilot projects and other initiatives. They will also provide support and advice on various club issues, including but not limited to, club constitutions, programming, and community relations.

Coaches Operating Committee
Members: Paul Macintosh (Chair), Roxanne Daignault, Andrew Hallam, Darlene Joesph, Sheri Moir, Alison Purkiss, Chris Stokes, Tracey Zwiers.
This committee will be directly linked to the Skate Ontario staff sport team to support the recruitment, development and support of coaches throughout the province. This group will assist with needs analysis, act as mentors, and encourage the advancement of coaches in the province.

At this time, I would like to inform you that there are a few other operating committees that Skate Ontario is continuing to design as part of its integration process and strategy. Over the coming weeks we are aiming to release more news including mandate, and committee composition for the following operating committees:

  • Event Technicians Operating Committee
  • Bursary and Skater Recognition Operating Committee
  • Business Development Operating Committee

As our Operating Committees begin their important work, many more volunteers will be needed for countless other volunteer positions to support our skaters through competitions, projects, club activities, and special events.

Volunteers are the backbone of skating in Ontario. Although the skating organizational structure has changed, our skaters and clubs continue to depend on Ontario’s dedicated (and passionate!) volunteer support team. For many years our homegrown volunteer team has been instrumental in building a strong and vibrant skating community. Our skaters are counting on you to continue in this tradition under the new name of Skate Ontario.

Volunteers will soon be needed for summer skating competitions including Minto Summer Skate (Ottawa), Summer Sizzle (Waterloo), and Skate Ontario Summer Skate (Thornhill), followed by over 60 competitions plus special events to be held across the province this skating season. I hope you will continue to be a part of Ontario’s skating family by volunteering at these and other events. Please keep checking the Skate Ontario Events Page, as we are in the process of building out event specific volunteer registration.

Please find Terms of Reference for operating committees here.

If you have any questions regarding the new Skate Ontario operating committees, please contact Lisa Alexander,


Lisa Alexander

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